Well I leave tomorrow so I should probably check in here and let everyone know what my plans are.  Starting tomorrow I will be spending the next month to five weeks on my motorcycle.  Going across the country from Yakima, WA to Pittsburgh, PA and then finally to Fort Worth, TX to be with my beautiful girlfriend.  I’ve been plotting and planning this trip for the past nine months or so and to say that it is surreal to be in this position with my bags packed and bike tuned would be an understatement.  I don’t know If I’m ready, but I’m confident.  In The Hell’s Angels Gonzo briefly describes what the outlaws would pack when they went on runs, a sleeping roll, tabs of lsd, joints, and enough beer to get through a weekend of 800 miles.  In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pirsig compiles a list that spans three pages and which he jokingly says could fill a U-haul trailer.  I’m somewhere in between, two bags, one with clothes and camping gear and the other with strictly photo gear, a sleeping roll, and a skateboard.  I’ve been making mental lists for months now and luckily I have been packing for what seems like years.  I’ve been reciting and rehearsing goodbyes on the tip of my tongue for the past three weeks.  4,000 miles in the next five weeks and a single mantra to help get me through it:

“Adventure may hurt you, but Monotony will kill you”