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So photographically things have been a bit stagnant as of late.  So I'm taking the opportunity to go throught the photographic vault that is my external harddrive and attempt to ressurect some of my older photos that haven't gotten any love on the site yet.  For the first of these archival posts I went through a bunch of my digital photos from India that for one reason or another never made the 'Selects' cut.  I wanted to see what these images would look like processed now as compared to how I would have done them three years ago, it was pretty interesting to see the results, and I'd like to share them with you now,

Flower Market. Kolkata, India. Fall 2009

Two Girls. Kolkata, India. Fall 2009

Man Sleeping. Varanasi, India. Fall 2009

Carnival Sideshow. Kolkata, India. 2009


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